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Our Philosophy – Yoga Islamabad (PYSI)

PYSI®’s approach is inclusive. As individuals, we learn from one another and have the opportunity to share our innate wisdom in the service of something greater than our individual egoic needs, to expand our consciousness, and to remember our true nature. Yoga is a tool to harmonize all pairs of opposites  to work skillfully with strength and ease, pose and repose, inhale and exhale to come to the center of our being, to reflect, to remember. This skill simply allows a richer experience of life, intimacy and relationships.

PYSI®  encourages inquiry. One meaning of tantra is to weave together – to take apparently disparate threads of knowledge and knit them together into an integrated tapestry. If you look closely at a woven cloth, you can see the individual threads, often different colours and textures. When you stand back, you see the cloth as one. The same is true with schools of yoga. So, rather than a separate system, or school of yoga, which would imply a fixed approach, O.S. yoga is a process – an evolution. PYSI®   views the traditions of yoga, and recognizes that sentience is continually evolving. Sharing wisdom and information freely accelerates evolution. Protecting, branding and copywriting information can serve to clarify, but can also limit the natural expansion of understanding. Both paths exist, and both inform each other by contrast.

PYSI® ’s approach to asana is informed by reflection on daily practice, and the understanding that although we may all look similar, we are also all very different – like the individual threads in the cloth. From limb length to bone structure and density, mental and physical dexterity, age, culture and sex, our human experience is unique. The asana practice, to be truly effective, must adapt to the individual. Practice is not a prescription. We each will approach asana in our own way, given the opportunity. But we can begin with some things we all have in common, as a logical starting point on this path – we can meet at a trail-head and move into the forest on our own path, equipped with the wisdom of those who have gone before

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