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Though many Fitness workouts have been followed throughout the world in fitness gyms and studios, yoga is the most ancient and use full science of mind body and spirit, it not only provides a perfect, toned and balanced body but also rejuvenates, strengthens andempowers the psychology and inner health of human system . Body is a working machine, it needs a physical system and spiritual science which caters and covers all the aspects of the intricate working system of our anatomy.


Here an expert  and learned Power Yoga trainer is required who understands the superficial physical concerns seemingly apparent on the physical level and also on a higher spiritual ground only felt by the client, present on the mat, the inner health, pranic energy, the flow of empowerment, the wellness of inner being and most sensitive flowing levels of the stamina.


Yogi Baqer learnt the most ancient science of yoga and is practising it from 10 yr. bringing miraculous health results for his clients both males and females, The unending energy and stamina he invites his clients in, is the most exceptional part of his training as a polished teacher. The motivation he provides his students eliminates the conventional lethargy of the student, a part and parcel of the modern age lifestyle.


Be a part of his active mainstream

1-     Power yoga vinyasa flow,  and

2-      5×5 Weight Loss Yoga CHALLENGE Islamabad ,

class /sessions specially designed for weight loss and improved health levels , at following places and timings:

5x5 weight loss yoga CHALLENGE Islamabad @ Forme' Fitness F-11 markaz
5×5 weight loss yoga CHALLENGE Islamabad @ Forme’ Fitness F-11 markaz


Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow in Islamabad by yogi BAqer
Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Yogi Baqer at MAXFIT, E-11 markaz


Yogi Baqer

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