Prana and difficult Poses

ashtanga yoga islamabad
Baqer practising Head Stand and other Hatha yoga poses

Prana, vital energy, which corresponds to ki or chi in Chinese
medicine, pervades the whole body, following flow patterns,
called nadis, which are responsible for maintaining all individual
cellular activity. Stiffness of the body is due to blocked prana
and a subsequent accumulation of toxins. When prana begins
to flow, the toxins are removed from the system, ensuring the
health of the whole body. As the body becomes supple, postures (poses) which seemed impossible become easy to perform, and steadiness and grace of movement develop. When the quantum of prana is increased to a great degree, the body moves into certain postures by itself and asanas, mudras and pranayamas occur spontaneously.

Baqer Mehdi

Yoga Teacher  & Fitness Trainer

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