Nitrates from beet root and processed meats are the same thing

Nitrates from beetroot and processed meats are the same thing

From an epidemiological perspective, nitrates are commonly thought to be adverse to health due to a long-standing restriction on how much nitrate can be in drinking water (50mg/L) or ground water (due to accumulating in vegetables) due to the risk of infantile methemoglobinemia (baby blue syndrome) which does appear to apply to vegetables.

More commonly, the association between processed meat products that are pink in color (which very commonly use sodium nitrate as a preservative) and cancer occurrence also paints nitrates in the same negative light.Conversely, vegetables are commonly stated to not be associated with cancer risk (which then raises concern about whether or not they are the same molecules).

Both consumption of vegetables (most commonly researched is Beet Root and consumption of the sodium nitrate preservative cause increases in serum nitrate and nitrite, and are considered bioequivalent. In some studies that assess nitrate’s bioactivity, liquid solutions of sodium nitrate are even used.

There are still differences between eating processed meat and vegetables in this regard (intake of sodium through the preservative sodium nitrate and higher intake of potassium via vegetables; less conversion of nitrate into nitrosamines with coingested antioxidants) but the molecule itself is the same.

How to Treat A Urinary Tract Infection UTI at home

Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection with Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

How to heal UTI from kitchen goods

Most UTIs are caused by A urinary tract infection is almost exclusively caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria that travel to the bladder through the urethra, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can occur in any part of the urinary tract.

It is more common in women than in men. Using natural remedies to treat a urinary tract infection at the first sign of symptoms can help prevent a more serious infection from developing.

Apple cider vinegar Urinary Tract Infection treatment

Apple cider vinegar contains important enzymes, rich minerals, and nutrients such as potassium that prevent the bacteria that cause UTIs from multiplying or growing. Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar has the ability to foster the growth of beneficial bacteria and to kill “bad” bacteria at the same time


Organic apple cider vinegar

Filtered water


Mix 2-3 tablespoons in a glass of water
Drink it twice or thrice a day. Add raw honey for a better taste.

Baking Soda UTI Treatment

Baking Soda creates an alkaline environment in the body, which bacteria do not like so it will not be able to spread.

Add one teaspoon of baking soda to one cup of water and drink it once a day. Be careful not too add too much baking soda.

It is important to remember to treat UTI as soon as you see the signs of it and that UTI that last longer than two days requires medical intervention.


Why Moringa was featured on the Discovery Channel

Moringa Pakistan For Life

Moringa discovery2
Will McClatchey, Ph.D.
Moringa discovery3
Mark Olson. Ph.D.
Watch Full Moringa Documentary on Discovery Channel
Monica Marcu . Ph.D.








Find out why Moringa  was featured on the discovery channel?

Jim Rohn said it well.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

If you are looking to loose weight or just be healthier in general,Moringa product line is the answer for you. it is gluten free, organic and 100% absorbable, which means it goes right to work as soon as it enters your body.

  • Delivers anti-inflammatory support
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Increases energy
  • Provides natural anti-aging benefits
  • Nourishes body’s immune system
  • Regulates blood glucose levels
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  1. Isoleucine,
  2. Leucine,
  3. Lysine,
  4. Methionine,
  5. Phenylalanine,
  6. Threonine,
  7. Tryptophan,
  8. Valine,
  9. Arginine 9

Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, Tyrosine OTHER BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, Cytokinins, Flavonoids, Omega (3, 6, 9) oils, Plant Sterols, Polyphenols, Lutein, Xanthins, Rutin, and more VITAMINS Vitamin A (Alpha and Beta-Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folate (Folic Acid), Biotin, and more MINERALS Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Sulfur, Zinc

  • 4x the Calcium of Milk
  • 3x the Potassium of Bananas
  • 2x the Protein of Yogurt
  • 4x the Vitamin A of Carrots
  • 7x the Vitamin C of Oranges



Moringa Pakistan for Life
Moringa Pakistan for Life

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Why is Moringa Pakistan known as the anti-aging Miracle Tree?

Moringa Pakistan For Life

Moringa Pakistan is complete Healthy Food for Life
Moringa Pakistan is complete Healthy Food for Life

Why is Moringa known as the anti-aging Miracle Tree?

Here’s one reason…

Moringa contains Zeatin which has powerful anti-aging properties. No plant has a greater abundance of Zeatin than the Moringa plant.

In fact, Moringa has ……several thousand times more Zeatin than any other known plant. Zeatin defends cells against free radical damage and protects healthy cells from the effects of stress,.

Moringa helps the body replace dying cells more rapidly and strengthens living cells by slowing the aging process.

Better Protein Than Soy

Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of any plant so far identified, with the protein in Moringa being comparable in quality to that of soy. Food scientists once believed that only soy had protein comparable to meat, dairy, and eggs. Now they have added Moringa to that very short list. Some even consider Moringa protein better than soy protein as it is non-allergic. Proteins are digested into smaller units known as amino acids. Moringa contains 18 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body including all eight of the essential amino acids found in meat products. (Meat is a luxury most people around the world cannot afford). The body cannot manufacture those eight essential amino acids and must get them through the food we eat. Moringa is one of very few plants that contain all eight.

 The world’s most nutritious tree ‘Moringa leaf’ powder has the highest source in nutrient levels in order meet humans day-to-day nutrient requirements. It is great to add into food, sauces, salads, beverages etc. As a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. The Moringa powder should not be heated because the decrease in nutrient content, therefore it should be added just before serving, mixed or sprinkled over the food or beverages.

There are endless ways to incorporate Moringa leaf powder into the diet.


Moringa Oleifera leafs contains ALL natural 90+ nutrients which make for the best natural nutritional supplement.

20 types of amino acids
46 types of antioxidants
36 anti-inflammatory compounds
Bio-available vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E and Macro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Phyto nutrients.
Moringa leaves are a good source of bio available quality protein & dietary fibre.
100% Certified Organic & 100% Safe, Natural & Nutritive Supplement

Contains NO sugar, starch, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, grain, egg or milk products.


Moringa Pakistan for Life
Moringa Pakistan for Life

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Fenugreek the Natural Herbal Cures for Diabetes & Weight Loss

How to Use Fenugreek for Weight Loss ,
How to Use Fenugreek for Weight Loss ,

Fenugreek the Natural Herbal Cure for Diabetes & Weigh Loss and 15 other Health Benefits

Fenugreek is an annual plant in the family Fabaceae, also known as Trigonella foenum-graecum, Greek hay seed, and bird’s foot, is an herb that is commonly found growing in the Mediterranean region of the world. While the seeds and leaves are primarily used as a culinary spice, it is also used to treat a variety of health problems as an herbal supplement in Egypt, Greece, Italy, and South Asia. .

Fenugreek has been found to contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, and diosgenin – a compound that has properties similar to estrogen. Other active constituents in fenugreek are alkaloids, lysine and L-tryptophan, as well as steroidal saponins -diosgenin, yamogenin, tigogenin, and neotigogenin.

Ways to consume Fenugreek:

Fenugreek seeds have small, roughly angular, brownish yellow seeds. The seeds have a bitter yet pleasing flavor and potent aroma and are a characteristic taste of curry powders. The pebble-like seeds are often toasted to enhance their pungent aroma and have a powerful bittersweet, somewhat acrid taste, so use them in moderation.

The dried leaves of Fenugreek are used as an herb. The taste is bitter but addictive. An added bonus is its healthful properties – today we do not use many bitter foods that help us in controlling our appetite and this is a tasteful way of adding the bitter taste to our diet.


Reduces Cholesterol – Fenugreek contains saponins that help reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol from fatty foods, reduce the body’s production of cholesterol, especially the harmful low density lipoprotein (LDL) levels.
Prevents Diabetes – Fenugreek contains a rare amino acid (4HO-Ile) that has anti-diabetic properties. It enhancing insulin secretion under hyperglycemic conditions (for type 1 diabetes) and increasing insulin sensitivity (for type 2 diabetes). Also galactomannan, a natural soluble fiber, present in fenugreek slows down the rate of sugar absorption into blood.
Protects from Cancer – Fenugreek has estrogenic effects and is a possible alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Saponins and mucilage in fenugreek bind to toxins in the food and flush them out, thus protecting the mucus membrane of the colon from cancers.
Increases Breast Milk – Herbal tea made of fenugreek seeds contains diosgenin, works as a galactagogue, enhancing breast milk production in lactating mothers, and facilitates infant birth weight regain, in early postnatal days.
Eases Labor Pains: Fenugreek stimulates uterine contractions, reduces labor pain, and eases child birth process.
Ease Women’s Health Complaints: Compounds like diosgenin and isoflavones, with oestrogen-like properties, help reduce menstrual cramps associated with PMS, ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood fluctuations. Abundance of iron in fenugreek covers up the iron deficiency during adolescence (initiation of menstrual periods), pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Boosts Testosterone Levels – Significant positive effects of fenugreek on physiological aspects of male libido have been noted. It assists in maintaining healthy testosterone levels curing erectile dysfunction.
Aids Digestion – The mucilage in fenugreek seeds is effective against heartburn or acid reflux and soothes gastrointestinal inflammation, relieves indigestion, treats constipation, digestive problems created by stomach ulcers, and coats the stomach and intestinal lining. It also detoxifies the liver.
Helps Weight Loss –

This thermogenic herb, with its natural soluble fiber, galactomannan, aids weight loss by suppressing appetite, providing quick energy, and modulating carbohydrate metabolism. It also helps flush out harmful toxins.
For Fever and Sore Throat: Herbal tea (fenugreek, lemon and honey), is used as traditional remedy to replenish the body after a bout of fever. The mucilage in fenugreek soothes cough and sore throat.
Hair Care: Fenugreek contains lecithin that hydrates the hair, reduces the dryness of the hair, cures dandruff, conditions the hair, and treats a variety of scalp issues which makes our hair healthy and strong.
Skin Care: Fenugreek has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which draws out toxins accumulated underneath the epidermis and tones the outer layers of the skin and is traditionally used as a remedy for eczema, burns, abscesses, gout, skin inflammation, scars, blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, and cystic acne.
Heart Care: Fenugreek seed contains galactomannan (a polysaccharide), that lowers the risks of a heart attack. It is also an excellent source of potassium which counters the action of sodium to help control heart rate and blood pressure.
Pacifies Heartburn and Acidity: Due to the presence of high quantities of mucilage, consumption of fenugreek helps soothe digestive inflammation by coating the lining of our stomach and intestine, curing acid reflux or heartburn.
Nutrient source: Fenugreek seeds are rich source of trigonelline, lysine, l-tryptophan, saponins, fibers, high content of Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, proteins, carbohydrates and trace minerals.
Side Effects of Fenugreek:

While Fenugreek is generally considered to be safe when used moderately, there have been reports of a few minor side-effects. Nausea is one common side effect, while other people have reported gastrointestinal discomfort (diarrhea and/or gas). Also, when using this herb topically on the skin, it is important to watch out for skin irritations and rashes.
Fenugreek use during pregnancy is not recommended, since it has the potential to induce labor. If you are pregnant and wish to take it, you should do so only after consultation with your doctor.
If you are currently taking any oral medications, you should always use this herb at least 2 hours before or after these drugs. This is important since Fenugreek fiber has the potential to interfere with the absorption of oral medications due to its mucilaginous fiber (which gives it a moist and sticky texture).
Fenugreek is one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs, highly esteemed by both east and west, and has been regarded as a treatment for just about every ailment known to man.

Yoga Islamabad is Most Popular Web Site of Pakistan

Yoga Islamabad  ( is most Popular web site of Pakistan and Sumaira is Most Experienced and Popular Yoga Teacher of Pakistan:

Just check the Hits it got (66,200) in the month of Apr 2014 only by the Grace of Allah and hard work done by our Legend and Most Experience Teacher of Yoga , Sumaira !  & Off course with the efforts of our Marketing Team.


Highest Traffic website in Apr2014
Highest Traffic website in Apr2014


Sumaira is Yoga Islamabad certified teacher, energy and sound healer, nutritional wellness coach, and writer. Through the study of various healing arts and a disciplined yoga practice, Sumaira spent most of her adult life on an extensive spiritual inquiry that empowered her to overcome multiple traumas in her life ultimately finding love, light and sustained joy. What she discovered on this path to wholeness fuels her passion to inspire others to heal and find their highest potential. Committed to embodying her truth in service, Sumaira encourages others to do the same with her contagious laughter, endearing smile and lightness of being.

A consistent yoga practice offers incredible benefits for the body, mind and soul through the use of movement, breath and meditation. Yoga provides an overall sense of well-being. It’s a path to wholeness and long-term sustained joy.

Sumaira Servat – Specialized Yoga Instructor with a professional experience of 20 years of conducting and teaching Yoga classes .She learnt yoga for six years in Karachi from a Parsi guru Nilofer Mehta Moria a former student of guru gi Vivak Annad of Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga. Currently she is conducting classes at :

She is Also Teaching Yoga in ISLAMABAD CLUB

Power Yoga Islamabad Studio G-9/1





Scientists Fix Errors in Controversial Paper About Saturated Fats – Nuts

Nuts are Really Good for Health
Nuts are Really Good for Health

Going nuts. Critics have panned a paper that questions whether unsaturated fats, common in nuts, are healthier than saturated ones.

When a paper published on 17 March questioned whether fats from fish or vegetable oils are healthier than those in meat or butter, it quickly made headlines around the world; after all, the study seemed to debunk a cornerstone of many dietary guidelines. But a new version of the publication had to be posted shortly after it appeared on the website of the Annals of Internal Medicine to correct several errors. And although the study’s first author stands by the conclusions, a number of scientists are criticizing the paper and even calling on the authors to retract it.

“They have done a huge amount of damage,” says Walter Willett, chair of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. “I think a retraction with similar press promotion should be considered.”

Health officials have long argued that so-called saturated fatty acids, which are found in butter, meat, chocolate, and cheese, increase the risk of heart disease, and that people should instead eat more unsaturated fatty acids, the type that dominates in fish, nuts, or vegetable oils.

In the new study, a meta-analysis, scientists from Europe and the United States pooled 72 individual studies to gauge how different fats influence the risk of a heart attack or other cardiac events, such as angina. These included trials in which participants were randomly assigned to different diets, as well as observational studies in which participants’ intake of fatty acids was determined by asking them about their diet or by measuring the fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream.

When the researchers compared people with the highest and the lowest intake of saturated fats, they found no clear difference between the risk of heart disease or other cardiac events. Similarly, they found no significant difference between those consuming high or low amounts of the supposedly healthy unsaturated fats. “Current evidence does not clearly support guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of total saturated fats,” the authors concluded.

But even before the paper was published, other scientists began pointing out errors, says first author Rajiv Chowdhury, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. For instance, the authors took one study on omega-3 fats, one type of unsaturated fats, to show a slightly negative effect while, in fact, it had shown a strong positive effect. The correction means that the meta-analysis now says people who report eating lots of this particular fat have significantly less heart disease; previously, it said there was no significant effect.

Critics also pointed out two important studies on omega-6 fatty acids that the authors had missed. The errors “demonstrate shoddy research and make one wonder whether there are more that haven’t been detected,” writes Jim Mann, a researcher at the University of Otago, Dunedin, in New Zealand, writes in an e-mail. “If I had been the referee I would have recommended rejection.”

Mann and others say the paper has other problems, too. For instance, it does not address what people who reduced their intake of saturated fats consumed instead. A 2009 review concluded that replacing saturated fats with carbohydrates had no benefit, while replacing them with polyunsaturated fats reduced the risk of heart disease. Several scientists say that should have been mentioned in the new paper.

Chowdhury says the paper’s conclusions are valid, however, even after the corrections. Randomized clinical trials are the “hardest” kind of evidence, he says, and they don’t show a significant effect of saturated or unsaturated fats. But even one of the paper’s authors, Dariush Mozaffarian, of the Harvard School of Public Health, admits that he is not happy with the key conclusion that the evidence does not support a benefit from polyunsaturated fats. “Personally, I think the results suggest that fish and vegetable oils should be encouraged,” he says. But the paper was written by a group of authors, he points out. “And science isn’t a dictatorship.”

Another study author, Emanuele Di Angelantonio of the University of Cambridge, says the main problem is that the paper was “wrongly interpreted by the media.” “We are not saying the guidelines are wrong and people can eat as much saturated fat as they want. We are saying that there is no strong support for the guidelines and we need more good trials.”

Willett says correcting the paper isn’t enough. “It is good that they fixed it for the record, but it has caused massive confusion and the public hasn’t heard about the correction.” The paper should be withdrawn, he argues.

The controversy should serve as a warning about meta-analyses, Willett adds. Such studies compile the data from many individual studies to get a clearer result. “It looks like a sweeping summary of all the data, so it gets a lot of attention,” Willett says. “But these days meta-analyses are often done by people who are not familiar with a field, who don’t have the primary data or don’t make the effort to get it.” And while drug trials are often very similar in design, making it easy to combine their results, nutritional studies vary widely in the way they are set up. “Often the strengths and weaknesses of individual studies get lost,” Willett says. “It’s dangerous.”


Yoga Class – Sumaira At Monastery of JAULIAN Stupa Taxila

Sumaira conducting a group yoga class at Jualian Stupa , Texila
Sumaira conducting a group yoga class at Jualian Stupa , Texila

Telenor Islamabad Staff and CEO Trip to Khanpur and Attend the Yoga Class by Pakistan Most Experienced Yoga Teacher Sumaira At Monastery of JAULIAN Stupa Taxila , Organized By Climax Adventure Pakistan. 


Sumaira's Yoga Class at Jualian Texila , to Telenor Pakistan Group
Sumaira’s Yoga Class at Jualian Texila , to Telenor Pakistan Group
The ruins at Jaulian date from the fifth century CE and consist of two main parts. These are
1) the main stupa and
2) the monastery and university of Jaulian. The ruins are situated on a mountain top.
The monastery contained a number of rooms for the students in addition to a large pool for washings. There are 28 such rooms. The monastery consisted of a second floor with another 28 rooms. Stairs of stone to the upper floor are still preserved. Statues of Buddha are present in front of some of the rooms.Each room had a window for supply of fresh air and as a source of some light and a niche to hold the lamp of the student. The windows are small at the outer end of the wall and become enlarged at the inner end to keep wild animals out. The rooms were plastered and decorated with painting. The outer wall of the monastery is well preserved, which is very smooth and straight.The monastery included a kitchen. A stone for grinding spices for the food is well preserved as well as two stone mills that were used to grind different types of grains. A hole in one of the brickstones of the kitchen wall was used for placing large spoons.
A very Large Group of Participants at Yoga Class
A very Large Group of Participants at Yoga Class

The monastery was burnt in 455 CE by the White Huns and thus destroyed.
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Weight Loss with Moringa

Power Organic - Weight Loss Buster - Islamabad
Power Organic – Weight Loss Buster – Islamabad
 Weight loss with moringa

The Moringa tree is becoming increasingly popular all across the globe. It has several advantages and in numerous benefits. According to the environmental society of Australia, each and every part of the tree is edible and easily digestible, however, the leaf clusters are the most nutritious and are also conveniently comprehensible. The leaves are highly nutritious, nourishing and wholesome. The plant’s low-fat qualities makes it a very acceptable, satisfactory, healthy and low-calorie substitute for various food products.. Moringa is abundant in vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which the body requires to convert food to energy, so that it does not get stored as fat inside the body.

The Moringa tree was originally discovered in the Himalayas, India. Currently,it is extensively cultivated in many other countries for food or medicinal products. According to researchers at John Hopkins University, the Moringa tree usually flowers by the end of the dry season, when other food products become excessively rare. This particular feature, has greatly contributed in resolving issues such as malnutrition, starvation and other deficiency diseases.
The Moringa leaves are rampant with proteins, vitamins and minerals. The do not possess unnecessary fats or complex carbohydrates, this makes it an ideal food supplement for people willing to shed weight. This is a very substantial and rare feature which makes the Moringa tree so auspicious. Every ounce of this leave has much more vitamins A and C, iron, calcium or potassium than an ounce of apple, orange, spinach, milk or banana. Henceforth, the tree is praiseworthy, applaud able and extraordinary.
Dieters can be greatly benefited by intaking the Moringa leaves, since they are very low-fat and extremely high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a much more considerable alternative to weight reduction, compared to rigorous dieting and hectic work-outs. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement, because of it’s high nutritional value. It provides 42 percent of the regular recommended requirement of protein and 125 percent of calcium. It increases metabolism and decreases lethargy. It also boosts up the immune system and facilitates digestion. It helps convert food to energy and hence diminishes the storage of fat. They can be consumed in multiple ways. They can be eaten raw or cooked, or be consumed as beverages such as tea, juices etc. They incite and expedite weight reduction.
There are no consequences of consuming it. They make people energetic, active, agile and dynamic. It also facilitates faster weight reduction compared to any other food supplement or health tonic. They revitalize and regenerate the body.
It is mostly eaten raw as salads or sometimes even cooked or soft-boiled, in countries where it is extensively cultivated, especially the Himalayan region, in India. Moringa leaves are also available in a dry powder form, which can be stashed away for years, without any loss of nutrients. It is also available in the form of gelatin capsules, which can be used as a revitalizing or weight loss with moringa supplement.

Drinking Moringa leaf tea religiously can greatly elevate one’s health and promote healthy weight loss, by rapidly converting food to energy.
If dieters choose to exercise simultaneously, then much better results can be expected. It is advisable to stay away from narcotics, alcohol and tobacco during it’s consumption.
Expecting mothers should not use it, without prior recommendation from their health physicians.
It is always better to seek advices about the adequate quantity of Moringa consumption, since the human metabolism varies form person to person.
Being overweight or obese has it’s own specific disadvantages. An obese person, is normally considered unhealthy or unfit. He/she is prone to numerous health hazards such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, elevated cholesterol levels, heart diseases, liver problems etc. However, ‘prevention is always better than cure’, hence it’s wise to shed the extra kilos and get back in shape as fast as possible. Apart from Moringa consumption, implementing certain lifestyle changes will also immensely help a person willing to loose weight. Restraining oneself from unhealthy, greasy and deep fried food products, can expedite the weight reduction procedure. Adhering to a high fiber, low-fat diet can benefit a lot. The consumption of raw vegetables and fruits should be enforced, since they help in strengthening the body’s immune system, are high in vitamins and minerals and low in fats and complex carbohydrates.

Super food Moringa Nutrition value
Super food Moringa Nutrition value


Hence, the Moringa leaves can immensely help in weight reduction. It can also be consumed as a food supplement because of it’s high nutritional value. It is ideal for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. It is easily available in the markets at reasonable prices. It can be purchased from any health food store. It is also available in any supermarket which has a ‘health food supplement’ section. Any good nutritionist or herbalist can prescribe a reputable brand of Moringa.

One can take about two to three spoonfuls of the Moringa powder, mix it with lukewarm water or milk and drink it regularly. Moringa leaf tea is as appetizing as any other green or herbal tea, but much more nutritional, healthy and useful. One can also mix the Moringa powder with any fruit or vegetable juices, smoothies or shakes. It can be consumed throughout the day or at any particular intervals or periods. It should only be consumed for the period recommended in the bottle or by your general physician. Moringa greatly helps obese people to tackle depression. They tend to be easily prone to depression because of their body condition, hence Moringa can intervene in this particulars scenario and do the needful.

Losing weight is also very significant because in the current scenario, slim, lean or thin women tend to have more self confidence than their overweight counterparts. Hence to elevate one’s body image and imbibe confidence becomes very essential. Moringa has absolutely zero side effects and just after a few days of consumption, the results will be clearly noticeable.

Our Products

1- Power Organic – Weight Loss Herbal Buster
2- Power Organic – Enjoy / Anti Stress
3- Power Organic – Moringa Leaf Powder
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Liver Detoxifying / Cleansing

Belly Reduction with yoga islamabad
Belly Reduction with yoga islamabad

There are some herbs that are particularly good for liver cleansing:

Burdock – one of the common uses for this herb is detoxifying a liver.  When studies looked at what effects burdock might have on livers that have been damaged by alcohol consumption, the results seemed to show that burdock helped the liver to heal and acted to protect it from further damage. The conclusion was that burdock’s powerful antioxidants may be responsible, at least in part, for the results.

Dandelion – the root is the part that helps cleanse the liver. The roots are mainly used to stimulate the appetite, and for liver and gallbladder problems. Compounds in the root cause an increase in bile production and this helps to improve digestion. It also helps the liver to digest foods and remove toxins quickly and efficiently.

Wild yam – wild yam root has been known to be very effective for liver health. It lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure levels and thus helps the liver by reducing the stress in the body and increasing the efficiency of the liver.

Yellow dock – traditionally, yellow dock root has been thought to be a blood purifier and general Detoxifying , especially for the liver.  Yellow dock root stimulates bile production, which helps digestion, particularly of fats. It also helps prevent any toxins from entering the gallbladder, bloodstream and liver, which in turn reduces these  systems’ overall workload. Yellow dock root can also effectively help in getting rid of foreign substances, which could create access burden on the liver, in general.

Milk thistle seeds – the seeds of milk thistle are known as a powerful cleanser of the liver. They contain phytochemicals that stimulate the secretion of bile from the liver and gall bladder. Click here to learn how to make Liver Cleansing Infusion with milk thistle seeds.

Garlic – garlic contains many sulfur-containing compounds that activate the liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins from the body. This vegetable also contains allicin which is a powerful compound proven to help protect the liver from toxic damage, and helps it in the Detoxifying.

Liver Cleansing Tonic Recipe

2 parts dandelion root
1 part wild yam root
1 part yellow dock root
1 part burdock root

Use 4 tbsp of herb mixture per 1 litre of water. place the herbs in a small saucepan and cover with cold water. Heat slowly and simmer, covered for 20-45 minutes. The longer you simmer the herbs, the stronger the tea will be. If the flavour is too bitter for you, you can add stevia, honey or natural maple syrup to taste. Drink 2-3 cups a day.


Our  Products

1- Power Organic – Weight Loss Herbal Buster
2-  Power Organic – Enjoy / Anti Stress

3-  Power Organic – Moringa Leaf Powder

4 Power Organic – Anti Aging