Balance Metabolism to Lose Weight

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The metabolism works like this:

Balance metabolism → lower calories → lose weight

1) Balance metabolism by knowing HEC (hunger, energy, cravings). 

  • Hunger should be <5 on a 1-10 scale
  • Energy should be 6 or more on a 1-10 scale
  • Cravings should be <5 on a 1-10 scale

If it is not, then you know you were not able to lose weight , you will need to adjust something.

2) Lower calories. Most people lead with calories and throw their HEC out of check as a result. Because of that, they are in one constant starve/binge cycle.

Instead of leading with calories, back calculate them instead. When you get your HEC in check, then take a look at what your calorie levels were. This gives you a rough estimate of what you need to be working toward.

NOTE: use it to refine your approach not define it. A strange thing happens when people see calorie numbers, they all of a sudden forget all reason and think there is something definitive and final in the numbers. The numbers should always be used as a guide only.  Your metabolism is a thermostat, not a calculator and it is in constant adjusting mode. Getting caught in the numbers will screw you almost every time.

3) Lose weight. Fat loss and weight loss are not the same so you need to have a better way to measure things than just weight. If you are still just measuring weight, you might as well just give up now. You can’t assess anything with just a weight measurement. If you have not yet gotten past looking only at scale numbers, you are still a dieter and missing the point

So, that’s it.  That is the way it is done.  I recognize this throws some people out of their comfort zone because they have a hard time viewing things from this new perspective.  As a result they revert back to the old comfortable calories out, calories in viewpoint.  It is normal, so take your time with this and really think about how it works to lose weight.

Balance metabolism to Lose Weight and Fat Ratio
Balance metabolism to Lose Weight and Fat Ratio


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CARBs for Weight Loss

Grains base CARBs:

Cereal-based carbohydrates (carbs) mean the sugars coming from grains like corn, wheat, rice, barley, millet, etc.

Among these, corn & wheat are the worst and most of these grains supplied in markets are genetically modified.
White rice is the 3rd on BAD GRAINS LIST.

And the best grain(carbs) is BARLEY. Even the pearl barley is better than whole wheat because it has a lower glycemic index.

Many diabetic patients do not improve with whole wheat bread either. Whole wheat exerts a high glycemic load & blood sugar levels fluctuate terribly.

A single bread meal per day is best way instead of Three bread / rice meals per day, which is the worst diet; and it is the major cause of most diseases in the modern world, like Diabetes, insulin resistance, blood pressure, food allergies, and WEIGHT LOSS etc.


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Use healthy grain base Carbs
Weight Loss is Just Beginning of byproduct of Yoga .

Chia Seeds – The Super Food

chai seeds - super food

Chia seeds – an ancient super food for modern lovers of healthy eating. Chia seeds – Indian traveling food that fills with energy. Chia seeds – diet food, because rapidly satiates.

 Chia seeds are representative of the family (Salvia hispanica). Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and other tribes consume the little black and white seeds since ancient times. When it is translated from the Mayan language chia” means “power. Not surprisingly this seeds are called Indian traveling food, because they refuel with energy. According to Indians one spoon chia seed energizes the body for 24 hours.

Super food for weight Loss
Super food for weight Loss


Nutritional value

Chia seeds are an excellent source of protein that fills the body with easily absorbable amino acids. They are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids and valuable linolenic acid, which the body cannot synthesize. Furthermore, chia seeds have more calcium than milk (5 times), more iron than spinach (3 times), 2 times more potassium than bananas, 2 times more protein than other grains, 2 times more antioxidants than blueberries. They are rich with the mineral boron, which helps the movement of calcium into the bones. High levels of antioxidants make them long lasting and easy to store.

Medical application of chia seeds

  • Chia seeds are easily digestible, they are rapidly absorbed by the body and they maintain balance of the blood sugar.
  • Improve the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Thanks to their strong hygroscopicity, chia seeds, absorb moisture, prolong hydration and retain electrolytes, especially during heavy exercises.
  • Seed protein does not contain gluten. Therefore it is suitable for people with gluten sensitivity, and for all those who want to replace gluten seeds (wheat, barley, rye and oat).
  • For pregnant and breastfeeding women, and for people with increased physical activity, they can help to speed recovery and building of new cells in the tissues.

Chia seeds – diet qualities

Chia seeds are helping to reduce appetite and for weight loss. Added to the dishes, they give a feeling of satiety, on the expense of calories and fat. They can be used in weight loss programs. The recommended daily intake: 1 tsp.

How to consume the chia seeds?

Chia seeds can be added to oatmeal or cereals, in salads, sauces, pastry, smoothies, cakes and all kinds of dishes of your choice. Typical of them is that they retain the flavor of the meals, and increase their nutritional value.

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