Yoga and Bone Health

For osteoporosis and osteopenia treatment or prevention (bone), you have to focus more on yoga. A study led by Dr. Loren Fishman, which were reported in the journal Topics of Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Get plenty of calcium, vitamin D, and—yoga to get healthy Bone

741 participants were recruited for the study, via the internet, and 227 of them stuck with a daily or every-other-day yoga routine, labeled by the study’s abstract as either “fully compliant” or “moderately compliant.”  89% of the remaining participants were women, with an average age of 68. Over 80% of participants had been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Researchers collected data on participants bone mineral density (BMD) at the start of the study and again ten years later.

Findings:  Bone mineral density improved for the 227 “fully compliant” and “moderately compliant” participants in their spines, hips, and femurs. Researchers wrote that “No yoga-related serious injuries were imaged or reported. Bone quality appeared qualitatively improved in yoga practitioners.”