Yogic Breathing for Stress

Yogi Baqer at Julian Stupa Texila
Yogi Baqer at Julian Stupa Texila

Practice yoga & Meditation, relaxation, it contribute to reflection, focus, and peace of mind leading to improved self confidence and body empowerment. The key to a successful meditation is in your breathing.

The best way of breathing is called Diaphragmatic Breathing or belly breathing. Inhaling your breath into your belly allows the most oxygen into your body and combats the symptoms of stress.

Observe yourself right now. Does your stomach move out with each inhalation and in with each exhalation? When I am stressed, these actions are reversed which reduces the flow of oxygen to my brain and signals my body to stress out. When I take the time to observe my breathing and correct it, I immediately notice a difference; I feel more calm and at ease.

  • Inhale into your lungs and stomach for 4 counts
  • Hold your breath for 2 counts
  • Exhale slowly for 6 counts (make sure to squeeze all the air out of your stomach and lungs)
  • Repeat 10 times or until you calm down